5 Reason To Wear PORON(R) Insoles

Do you know shoes without good insoles can damage your feet? If not, you need to pay close attention to your feet now. Having the right shoe insole is essential. However, some tend to overlook the importance of these accessories and think that having good shoes is enough. But in reality, it's not the shoes that wear all the pressure and shocks to safeguard your feet, but the insoles wear this responsibility. 

Pay Close Attention To Your Feet

With time wrong shoe insoles can trigger discomfort and eventually cause foot disorders. Our Poron insoles are ultra thin insoles that are designed to offer comfort and high-grade protection to your feet. They can enhance your feet and overall body health and let you carry out your tasks impedance free. It is just an introduction to what Poron insoles can offer you. They can serve you much more than that, including these five reasons or benefits. 

Pay Close Attention To Your Feet

 Shield Your Feet From Disorders- 

The fluid gate technology of Yenta + Posha Poron insoles offer perfect motion and balance arch to your feet. The liquid gate technology prevents the foot from over pronation and supination-like conditions. Plus, this cushioning and grip fabric underneath offer immense ability to absorb foot pressure when standing, walking, running, or any other sports activity.  

  • They, therefore, enable you to lead the desired lifestyle by guarding your feet against any form of pain and discomfort. 
    • They also relieve foot pain.  They can significantly relieve and prevent arch pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis.
  • Poron insoles come in two forms (Modern sole wing and Modern sole feather) to best fit into different types of footwear.  This ultra thin insole design with different toe shape options, make it one of the best insoles for women to wear in footwear that don’t have room to add a regular insole.
  • The breathable vegan Bamboo Charcoal Leather cover on the Poron insoles keep the bacteria at bay and ultimately shield your feet from disorders like blisters.
  • Athletes' feet face a significant amount of pressure during motion. And for them, Poron insoles can reverse the effect of the stress and any muscle and tissue damage. 

Provide The Much Needed Flexibility For Shoe Insoles-

Non-orthotic insoles come with heel pads that very often are thin or do not protect the heel properly. And if your feet encounter shock or extensive amounts of pressure, especially during running, the tissue is subjected to break. It can cause problems such as inflammation in the feet, and loss of flexibility, and you will feel excruciating heel pain. 

  • But, the Poron insoles do not let this happen. Their grip fabric, solid gel heel pad, and semi-rigid shell minimize the amount of pressure, plus they do not let the insoles fall apart. 
  • The grip fabric and heel improve your feet' flexibility and motion and correct your gait movement. 

 Relieve From The Existing Disorder-

Flat feet, over pronation and supination, and disordered arch can develop in feet over time. Sometimes they can be of genetic reason, but often they are the result of bad shoes AND bad insoles. 

  • Poron insoles are not just the prevention solution, but these ultra-thin insoles can also treat the existing issues. 
  • Orthotists and Podiatrists recommend using insoles to treat foot conditions like toe pain, knee pain, corns, Achilles heel pain, bunions, and neuroma, among other conditions. So, now you have a good reason to start wearing our Poron insoles. BONUS- our PORON(R) Performance Insoles are the thinnest full length orthotic insole on the market that still absorbs max shock AND aligns properly.

Improve Comfort During Sports Activities- 

We specially designed our PORON(R) Embrace insoles to offer quality support with memory foam cushioning that doesn’t bottom out. They can add more cushioning and enhance arch comfort for feet when you engage in physical activity. Poron insoles consist of 5 layers, each layer serving different duties to protect your feet. 

  • With Poron insoles, you will feel more comfortable and active during sports activities. 
  • Fluid gait technology of the insoles helps unlock the pressure points present in your feet and activities, then stimulate the entire body's response to that activity. 
  • By improving your feet' health, the Poron insoles ultimately involve your whole body to support you during the activity. Which further results in improving your physical performance.  

Give Your Shoes A New Life- 

Yenta + Posha insoles are meant to increase the life of your shoes. The overall technology of insoles is created using the finest material for longevity and durability purposes. They offer reliable performance from the first the first step to the last wear.   

  • So, Poron insoles help you keep your feet in proper alignment, provide your shoes with new life and reist break down over time, saving you from spending extra money on repurchasing insoles every 3-6 months. 

So, what do you conclude? Chiefly, shoe insoles should guard your feet against disorders while protecting the general health of your feet. And Poron insoles are ideal candidates to do it with ensured quality protection of your feet. 

Yenta+Posha Poron insoles are an excellent choice for both neutral arches and low arches. In case you are looking for the best arch support insoles for flat feet, your quest ends here. The memory technology of the Embrace insole lets them adapt themselves to any other feet, making them perfect for every size and shape of the feet. The ultra-thin design of the Performance insole allows you to wear in almost every kind of footwear that doesn’t have a removable insole or much room! If you are impressed by the Poron Insoles, visit the store and shop for your pair now.