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Yenta + Posha was founded on the idea that we can offer the thinnest women’s insole on the market that also provides excellent shock absorption and alignment. Yenta + Posha insoles are patented, podiatrist approved and orthotic*.  Translation:  YP insoles are extremely supportive!  

Our Insoles

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PORON® Performance Series

PORON® Embrace Series

  • Shock Absorbing - minimizes muscle and joint pain for All Day wear.
  • Material does not break down over time/ Reliable Performance
  • Our thinnest version insole.
  • Memory Technology that delivers an unmatched, long-term comfort experience.
  • Mimics memory foam without compressing over time.

Arch Support

insole performance technologyYenta + Posha Insoles are a great choice for low or neutral arches.  They do help benefit high arches when placed in shoes with little to no arch support.  At first glance you may think our insoles have an extremely high arch BUT we have extended the arch to hug the side of the foot.  Most people overpronate and this little hug adds much needed support to help the foot maintain proper motion.

Our newest versions have a fabric underneath that grips material in shoes when pressure is applied.  Our focus is delivering an upgraded experience where you can “Wear the shoes you already own- Better!  Healthier for you and Better for the environment.”

The insoles are so thin they fit in almost all your footwear.  Our materials are durable and chosen to last.  We are the first women’s insole company that uses bamboo charcoal leather (super breathable). This vegan cover is treated with aegis microbial during the manufacturing process, so it is woven in.  This eliminates the dangerous spray treatments.  Our cushioning is PORON® which does not break down over time.  It absorbs shock making step 1 the same as step 10,000.  The alignment is from a semi-rigid shell that holds your foot in correct position but still allows for the body’s natural motion.  In both insoles we added a heel pad for comfort and additional shock absorption.  In our performance series we added metatarsal support for fatigue relief.

Two Types of Insoles

We designed our insoles to fit best based on your footwear choice. Both Modern Sole Wing and Modern Sole Feather are available in your choice of Round or Almond Toe as well as Performance or Embrace cushioning.

  • Modern Sole Wing: Best function in closed shoe (any shoe zipped or tied) Boot, booties, casual sneakers, oxfords 
  • Modern Sole Feather: Best function in open shoe (not open-toed, slip on that is not zipped or tied) Flat, wedge, slip-on sneakers, slippers
  • Above suggested for medium width foot
  • Wide foot can use wing in all footwear
  • Narrow foot can use feather in all footwear

We worked hard to deliver the thinnest insole that still absorbs shock and aligns. If your shoe already fits snug or is tight the insole will not fit correctly. 

Our insoles are available in US size 5 – 12 Women’s.

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Let's Talk Science


yenta + posha insolesThe research behind the insole is extensive and based on biomechanics. Without getting too far down the rabbit hole of science (we’ve learned that not everyone likes talking about feet as much as we do!), here’s a quick explanation of how the insole offers its outstanding support and comfort.

When you take steps, your foot is supposed to behave in a specific, predictable way. The foot needs to have a certain amount of pronation (the rolling inward of the foot) and supination (the rolling outward of the foot). Most people, however, don’t follow this gait pattern — and poorly-designed shoes are the biggest culprit behind ineffective and painful gait patterns. 

Our Fluid Gait Technology allows for, and encourages, the proper amounts of pronation and supination. We teamed up with an expert Orthotist and Podiatrist to enhance the foot’s natural walking motion.

The semi-rigid shell of the insole allows for perfect balance throughout the gait cycle. The ground-reaction forces for the entire foot are more evenly distributed, so the pressure pattern results in a more balanced gait picture. Not only will this help your gait motion, but it will also improve your overall posture and movement efficiency.