Yenta + Posha is a women’s insole company that is 100% female owned, located near Richmond, VA. Our company was founded on the idea that we can offer the thinnest women’s insole on the market that also provides excellent shock absorption and alignment. Yenta + Posha insoles are patented, podiatrist approved and orthotic*.  Translation:  YP insoles are extremely supportive!

yenta + posha insole

The insoles are so thin they fit into almost all your footwear.  Our materials are durable and chosen to last.  We are the only women’s insole company that uses bamboo charcoal leather, which is super breathable and wicks away sweat and toxins from your foot. This vegan cover is treated with aegis microbial, an agent that kills bacteria which can cause foot odor.  This is done during the manufacturing process, so it is woven in, eliminating the usage of dangerous, chemical, spray treatments.  Our cushioning is PORON which does not break down over time.  It absorbs shock so well that step 1 is the same as step 10,000.  The alignment is from a semi-rigid shell that holds your foot in its correct position but still allows for the body’s natural motion.  There is a solid gel heel pad for additional shock absorption.  The Performance Series also has a metatarsal pad to relieve foot fatigue when on your feet all day.

We are constantly innovating, and our newest insoles have a fabric underneath that grips materials in shoes when pressure is applied.  Our focus is delivering an upgraded experience where you can “Wear the shoes you already own- Better!  Healthier for you and Better for the environment.”

Many women’s insoles on the market are one or two sizes and cut down.  This does not allow for proper alignment of the arch and, after market research, is not what women prefer.  Our insoles are available in US size 5 – 12 Women’s. 

Our Goal

yenta + posha insole

Our goal is to provide an incredible alternative to the mainstream shoe market, which largely relies on fast fashion and throwing away shoes as they are not built to last.  There is usually a one-size-fits-all model to ensure that they can put out shoes as fast as people can buy them. We make sure function and quality stand together. Most women’s shoes do not have removable insoles which means there are not many options to add an insole (until now!).  Many of these shoes have also not been made with materials that protect your foot from shock or provide natural alignment.  

When our founder was looking for a manufacturer to partner with, NO manufacturer wanted to create a woman’s insole that was so different from the rest.  We were asked repeatedly: why we kept trying to put materials used in men’s shoes and insoles into women’s- “It’s just not the way things are done. Doing it the way it’s been done will be much cheaper.”  Luckily, she had a lot of passion and a goal: To design the thinnest insole possible that had maximum shock absorption and properly aligned the foot.

yenta + posha patent no.

The founder, Brianna Schwartz, was a corporate meeting planner for 10 years.  Setting up tradeshows throughout the US and planning international incentive programs for large groups always led to the same conversation with so many women across the industry: Why is it difficult to find shoes that can be comfortable for multiple days on your feet and could also be dressed up and down?  This passion became a hobby, and this hobby grew into a company: Yenta + Posha - A Modern Sole.

Coming from a corporate background, Brianna was able to plan many events that were focused on donations and raising money for charities.  Yenta + Posha is not just here to pump out as many insoles as possible. We are here to make a real, tangible difference.  Incorporating philanthropy from the beginning is the foundation of what Yenta + Posha stands for.  We currently donate to Soles4Souls and Animal Rescue for every purchase.  After all, the inspiration for our company name comes from our two, incredibly special, rescue dogs.