Bubbles and Bordeaux- How a Company was Born

Before starting Yenta + Posha, I was a corporate meeting planner for 10 years. My job consisted of traveling around the country, setting up tradeshows and planning high-end international incentive programs for large groups.

If you know nothing about event planning, let me boil my job down to the basics: I had to look good; as in, dress the part professionally. I was on my feet all day, walking from this end of a hotel to that end, running errands, putting out proverbial fires and solving problems.

Now the thing is, no matter how hard I tried, I could never find shoes that were stylish enough that looked professional, while also comfortable, so I wasn’t in excruciating pain by the end of the day.  They just didn’t seem to exist.  Sneakers were NOT an option in my line of work.  I also couldn’t find insoles that fit in ANY of my shoes and absorbed shock.

What would usually happen during these event planning trips is, I would find myself at the end of the day with two or three other female event planners in one of our hotel rooms, drinking wine and soaking our feet in someone’s tub.  Yes, this was a frequent ritual among us ladies. As soon as the day was over, we’d all head to someone’s room, open a bottle or two of something red, and get that bathtub full!

After countless nights of sipping and soaking, I finally got fed up with having to sacrifice my foot health, so I looked “professional enough” to set up tradeshows! Something had to give.

It was this pain, my own pain and that of the many women I spoke (and soaked) with over the years that led me to start my own company. If we could put a man on the moon, transplant a human heart, and build an electric car, surely, we could figure out how to wear the shoes we wanted that also felt great to wear!

And so, a new Insole was born.

Yenta + Posha is a ladies’ insole company that delivers the thinnest insole that also absorbs shock and aligns the foot properly. The insole is podiatrist-approved, patented, and orthotic (quite simply put = supportive). The cushioning is the same material used for shock absorption in hardcore work boots for people that are on their feet all day.

Speaking of foot health, we want to use this block not only to share products and fashion trends with you, but to also educate on how to provide the very best care for your feet. We often take our feet for granted, until they start hurting and really give us problems. Then we realize (when it is often too late) that we should have taken better care of them.

We hope you will visit our blog often and share your own stories, insights, and love of shoes with us.

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With Your comfort in Mind,

-Brianna, Founder Yenta + Posha