PORON® Insoles-The Best Insoles for Every Hiker 

Hiking is considered a recreational activity because it makes you feel like walking in nature. Especially for the people who live in big cities and mostly do sitting jobs, hiking is deemed an adventure and a physical exercise. Some do it as a hobby, but on the other hand, for some, it is their occupation.

The reason for hiking could be different for everyone. Still, one thing in common is that hiking requires extreme physical activity, where all body parts, especially the feet, work, in contrast, to make it possible.

Taking care of your feet is essential because they handle all your body weight and movements during the hiking, whether you have to climb on a boulder or walk down a steep incline, which makes the feet one of the most affected body parts while hiking. As a result, after your hiking tour, you could feel pain, numbness, or swelling. And certainly, you do not have to adorn all the pain that comes into your feet. You can prevent all torment with the right insole. Isn't it easy? Yenta+Posha's insoles are perfect to balance pronation and supination of the feet. Our insoles can comfort your feet and balance their alignment during all the activities involved in hiking.

Why Are Good Insoles Essential During Hiking?

Hiking can harm your feet in the long run if you do not take any precautions to prevent the damage. Your feet may become victim to blisters, plantar fasciitis, and hot spots. If you already have these issues, you need not worry, as these situations are completely reversible with the right insoles. 

Our PORON® performance cushioning insoles are designed to solve all these issues. Moreover, not only do Poron insoles reverse these issues but also, they can help your feet to absorb the shocks and maintain the perfect angle. So, with our insoles, you can enjoy hiking without worrying about your feet. 

How And What Makes The PORON® Performance Cushioning Insoles Best Pick For Hiking? 

When you walk, your feet are supposed to move in a way so that all parts of your feet share the body weight to maintain posture. The experts describe or distinguish the movement of the feet in three ways: pronation, alignment, and supination. Pronation happens when you place the bodyweight on the inside of your foot, and the aligned state happens when fully placing the foot on the ground or a flat surface. In contrast, supination is a little more unusual, and it occurs when the body weight is placed on the outside of the foot.

Mostly all humans pronate, and over the years, your feet bones have structured and adapted themselves to comply with the way you move on a flat surface. But during hiking, you can't predict where you will be placing your next step. It can be rocks, steep, or mud. The surface change instantly puts a huge impact on your feet and can result even in injury.

  • Our Fluid Gait Technology can prevent this and allows the proper amount of pronation and supination even on the different surfaces. This technology makes our Poron insoles the best shoe insoles for walking during your hike. Furthermore, it does not let the natural posture of your feet impact your motion, providing you with full comfort and a confident hike. 

  • Yenta + Posha insoles can grip inside your shoes to secure the motion and absorb shock, whether walking on a damp surface or climbing a high slope. 

The Science Behind The Fluid Gait Technology Put Together A Comfortable And Confident Hike Tour-

Fluid Gait Technology is not something out of the ordinary. But it works on scientific principles to balance and secure your motion. Also, it is the proven orthotic technology to create the best arch support insoles for flat feet. The technology works as a combined mechanism as part of your natural gait cycle. 

Insoles are a collected result of the five different layers. Each layer has its function to support you during the hike. Here is how- 

  • The first layer of the insole has a bamboo charcoal leather cover. It is a fully breathable material to absorb sweat and toxins. The sweat absorption saves your feet from slipping and developing infections, making hiking safe and easy. 

  • The second layer of the insole is PORON® cushioning. It hugs your feet and handles the sharp motions that otherwise can result in injury. With this cushioning these insoles don’t break down over time while ensuring higher shock absorption and breathability, meaning step 1 is the same as step 10,000, day in and day out.

  • The next layer consists of a grip fabric that grips inside your shoe from body weight and helps with balancing and alignment at different walking angles. 

  • The fourth layer is a solid gel heel pad which is essential for protecting the heel. It provides suspension to tackle shocks. 

  • And the last layer is the semi-rigid shell. It helps align your feet with each step to walk confidently over every surface. 

All these layers make our Performance OR Embrace Series insoles a perfect fit for hikers. We designed our insoles for the best fit in based on what type of shoe you are wearing. You would choose our Modern Sole Wing in Round Toe at checkout for your hiking boot. Using our insoles will make your hiking trip even more pleasing, and let's enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature. Yenta + Posha offers various insoles so visit our store for more information.