Why are Womens Flats Uncomfortable and How to Fix This

Do you ever find you can’t last all day in a pair of flats or your feet hurt at the end of the day?

We mean hurt like you have been walking barefoot on a hard surface all day!

A band of tissue called the plantar fascia runs along the bottom of the foot and connects the heel to your toes. It pulls on your heel when you walk -- and it works best when your foot is properly aligned. Walking in flimsy shoes without good arch support can overstretch, tear, or inflame the plantar fascia. This common condition can cause intense heel pain. Usually resting the feet only provides temporary relief. You can feel pain after standing for long periods or after standing up after sitting for a lengthy amount of time!

Womens flats tend Not to have the needed support to relieve foot pain and prevent heel and arch pain from happening to begin with.

Ballet Flats

You won’t get any arch support from these shoes. This lack of support can lead to knee, hip, and back problems. Poor arch support can lead to heel and ball of foot pain, and you can feel like you are walking on concrete!


Oh, how we LOVE Flip Flops in the summer! Unfortunately, a pair of flip flops will provide your feet with little protection, so cuts, splinters, and other foot injuries are a risk. Many flip-flops provide no arch support. Like ballet flats, they can worsen plantar fasciitis and cause problems with the knees, hips, or back. If you do find a Flip Flop that has arch support one of the biggest pain culprits is that it overworks your toes and makes them grip in an unnatural position to keep the Flip Flops on. A sandal with arch support and a strap is always better than a regular Flip Flop.

Dress Flats or Office Professional Work Flats

We also love the idea of handcrafted premium footwear that was made in Italy, so popular it is on a wait-list or has a luxury brand name attached. There is always something that makes a girl melt when you see a beautiful pair of stylish flats that is made with quality materials. The problem is these luxury flats are built with luxury materials on the upper and don’t have the necessary midsole to protect your feet from all day shock and wear (hence walking on concrete). They also are built narrower for the style and do not provide your feet the toe spread needed to not rub holes in your feet by the end of the day! The last thing you want is to have to relieve foot pain due to your professional looking shoes.

How to wear your Flats more Comfortably

Everyone wants a pair of comfortable flats so they can look good all day long and feel amazing at the end of the day, Right?

  1. The first step is making sure the shoe has durable materials that protect the foot and provide alignment. This means having a foot bed that anatomically hugs your foot and cushioning that absorbs shock. You could google things like “Womens Flats with Arch Support that are Actually Stylish.” This may provide you with some options that could work great, but it will depend on whether you find these flats stylish and how this shoe fits your foot. If the back or sides rub or the fit just isn’t comfortable it doesn’t matter how good the cushioning and support is, you won’t be able to last all day.

  1. The second step could include some trial and error. As mentioned, the right fit for someone else may work fantastic for you or may not be the right fit. After all, everyone’s feet are completely different, and chances are your left and right foot are different as well. If you prefer to order shoes online, you may want to consider going into a local shoe store once in a while, when you are out running errands. Try on some of the brands that interest you. This way you can get a gauge for how they fit and if they would work for you. Maybe you will find an option that you would never have considered, kind of like the excitement of having a personal shopper!

  1. Third step could include adding support into footwear that you already own and love. People usually only consider this when they have extra room in their shoes but there are options even with little wiggle room. You can add just an arch support, ¾ length slim insole or a full length ultra-thin insole (slim orthotic insole).

  • Adding just the arch piece will relieve your plantar fascia.

  • The ¾ length insole also relieves the plantar fascia from stretching too much plus adds heel cushioning and some shock absorption.

  • The full length thin insole will relieve all these things plus add shock absorption for the entire foot plus it is built for the entire length of shoe, so it doesn’t move.

At Yenta + Posha we are focused on finding the right product for our customers to provide the relief needed for everyday comfort and to prevent foot pain. We focused on designing full length insoles that are so ultra-thin they are an option in any closed toe shoe, including women’s flats. Walk better with YENTA + POSHA Shoe Insoles. Our neutral arch combined with the Semi-rigid shell, greatly supports overpronation and flat feet, or simply keeps you in motion pain free all day long.

So, whether someone suggests a great style of shoe with arch support, you find a comfortable shoe through trial and error or you add something to shoes you own and love, simply make sure it works best for Your Feet and Your Style.

Selfcare does include foot care and we are not talking about just getting a pedicure! Properly supported feet mean better posture and less wear and tear on your body. Healthy feet to ALL!