PORON® Performance Series Insoles
PORON® Performance Series Insoles - Yenta + Posha
PORON® Performance Series Insoles
PORON® Performance Series Insoles
PORON® Performance Series Insoles
Best Insoles for Women, Ultra Thin Insoles, Arch Support
PORON® Performance Series Insoles
PORON® Performance Series Insoles - Yenta + Posha

PORON® Performance Series Insoles

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PORON ® Performance Series 

  • Modern Sole Wing: Best for a zipped or tied shoe: Boot, booties, sneakers, casual sneakers, oxfords 
  • Modern Sole Feather: Best for a slip-on shoe: Flat, wedge, slip-on sneakers, slippers
  • *Above suggested for medium width foot
  • **Wide foot can use wing in all footwear
  • **Narrow foot can use feather in all footwear

    PORON ® Performance series is our thinnest version insole that is half as thick as the average insert on the market. Allows full length support and shock absorption in stylish shoes that don't normally fit an insole. 

    • Alleviates and helps prevent common foot pain such as plantar fasciitis, arch pain, heel pain and metatarsalgia 
    • Yenta + Posha insoles are patented, podiatrist approved and orthotic. 
    • PORON ® cushioning provides comfort by reducing impact fatigue and is the most advanced performance technology available 
    • Has a metatarsal pad to help alleviate pressure from being on your feet all day. 
    • Uses, breathable, VEGAN bamboo charcoal leather cover 
    • Woven aegis microbial treatment helps kill odor causing bacteria 
    • Supports natural walking motion, which biomechanically aligns your body
    • Granted the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)

    For added support, we extended the semi-rigid shell, so it hugs the side of the foot. At first glance it appears that the arch is high from this extension, but it is a neutral arch that supports multiple types of feet.  Under the heel we added solid gel (more shock absorption) to help stop the breakdown of fat that occurs with aging. Ironically, this is the one place you do not want to lose fat as you can never get it back. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Parvin Jaisinghani

    This was a spur of the moment purchase and I wish I would have known about this sooner! I have been a runner for many years and age has caught up to me! Now with 4 herniated discs, and constant planter fasciitis -these orthotics have improved my ability to walk with more comfort and stability and making me feel so much more secure!! The amazing thing is that no matter what type of shoe I'm wearing - my designer sneakers or my workout shoes- it fits my foot perfectly and I feel so good! And I must mention, the customer service is superb!!!

    Megan D.
    Major improvement

    After only a few wears I can tell a big difference in how I feel after a day on my feet! Customer service was incredible too!

    Judith Fenske
    Insoles make walking a pleasure.

    I love my sole inserts.
    My posture has improved, feet do not ache, and arthritis of the spine pain is reduced.
    I have been looking for an inside arch support for years. This insole supports my high arch.
    (Now I want one made for bare feet!)

    I plan to order a set for a granddaughter who is in college for a baking degree. In addition to being on her feet for baking labs, she will be working as a caterer.
    Thanks ever so much for
    making this product.

    I found your site on Google. Thanks for the ordering section.

    Best ever insoles

    Absolutely love them

    P. Grace
    better than the drs.

    I love these insoles so much I ordered a second pair so that I didn't have to switch them all of the time. They are comfortable, lightweight and very effective.