6 Ways To Fix and Relieve Foot Pain- Easy Tips

There are many reasons why one can experience pain in their feet. For example- exercising, injury, even conditions like overpronation and supination. 

Depending on the seriousness of the condition, and amount of pain, a person should seek the appropriate solution as soon as possible. These conditions can worsen with time and sometimes also become detrimental to your health and financial situation. 

If you suddenly start to have foot pain without any injury or chronic foot illness, here are 6 methods to try to relieve the foot pain. 

Foot Massage 

A foot massage is the easiest and most common way to relieve foot pain. You don't need professionals or have to pay for a spa visit. You can massage your feet to reduce soreness and improve blood circulation.

Increased blood circulation will relieve the pain and give you relaxation. To do so, sit in a relaxing chair and then rub the bottoms of your feet using warm oil. Once you are done massaging the sole, go to the toes, pull them a little apart and bend the toes to massage them. 

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You can also use products like rollers for the foot massage to achieve maximum results. 

Pro-Tip: Sit in a chair and roll your feet on a frozen bottle of water.  This can alleviate plantar fasciitis and foot pain if done consistently.  Start for 10-15 minutes up to 3 times daily until symptoms subside.

Pain Reliever

The following treatment can provide instant relief from foot pain: 

taking or applying a pain reliever such as an NSAID which will help with pain and inflammation in conjunction with icing the affected area.

You can use foot wraps to prevent rubbing against the affected area. It would help if you only opted for this option when you have mild arch pain and heel pain in your feet.  If you have severe pain it is important to speak with a doctor to see their recommendations for your specific pain relief needs.  

It is also important to elevate the foot that is experiencing pain, and then rest both feet as much as possible. It is best if you try this at night to avoid all the physical activities. 

Use PORON Insoles

Sometimes we do not notice, but the actual reason for our foot pain is not an injury or exercising. Unsuitable insoles and support can also cause foot pain, which can turn into chronic pain. 

Poron insoles are the perfect orthotic shoe insoles to relieve heel and arch pain. Our insoles provide the proper neutral arch support your feet need to stay healthy. The Poron cushioning provides energy return to prevent foot fatigue.  You will feel instant relief once you start wearing the Poron insoles. 

Try Broken Toe Yoga 

This is another easy way to get rid of foot pain. The broken toe pose stretches the feet and the calves while strengthening your ankles. The move helps you improve the mobility in the feet and ankle and subsequently cure the pain, especially heel pain.  

A broken yoga pose is a perfect option for people who walk and run a lot. Full stretching routines incorporating a stretch to target your feet can help to smooth the tight muscles in the feet and also safeguard you from any injury in the future. To start with the yoga pose, follow these steps. 

  • Start with both your hands and knees on the ground in table position. Move your legs inward so the inner thighs touch. Tuck your toes under. 

  • Keep your toes tucked and walk your hands back towards the knees sitting back on the heels. 

  • Move your hands up onto the upper thigh and sit upright. Breathe and hold for 1-2 minutes.

Replace your shoes

Sometimes your shoes can be a huge culprit for foot pain. If you wear shoes beyond their life, the wrong shoe style or an incorrect size can reduce the health of your feet and result in bunions and other foot pain. To avoid this, it is always better to replace your shoes often or add in proper support and alignment. Yenta + Posha specifically designed insoles for women based on the type of shoe you are using. Our Poron insoles come with different toe shapes (round and slightly pointy/almond) as well as a Wing option that sits nicely in zipped or tied shoes and a Feather option for slip-on shoes. This means you have the best fit in every type of shoe, from heels to sneakers. 

As your feet can change size during your lifetime it is important you make sure shoes fit you properly every single year!  Change shoes once they have gone 300 to 400 miles or buy two or more pairs to keep each pair's life extended. 

See A Doctor

You can test as many methods as you want, but you should visit a podiatrist for recurring foot problems. Once you start feeling pain don’t hesitate to get more information from a doctor in order to prevent larger foot issues in the future. Most people who regularly experience pain know what triggers it, and they find the best ways to manage this type of pain with the help of their doctor. 

Never skip visiting a doctor if you have: 

  • Sudden and severe pain 

  • Injury

  • Can't stand 

  • Age related foot pain

  • An open wound on your foot

  • Inflammation

These issues are severe and can't be treated at home. For most problems, doctors recommend wearing orthotic insoles. 

Yenta + Posha offers ultra thin orthotic insoles for everyone and every type of shoe. So, if you need orthotic insoles, come visit our store.