Women's PORON® Insoles: Worth it or a Waste?

If you are in sports or just exercising a bit more these days, that's awesome. But, you don't have to do it at the cost of your feet, and you don't have to stop doing those exercises. All you have to do is pay a little more attention to your shoe insoles. 

Most people make a huge mistake: not acknowledging the role of THE RIGHT shoe insoles in their life. But as a shoe insole company, we are all about the foot's health and making people aware of the importance of wearing the proper women’s shoe insoles. 
If you are dealing with foot pain, ankle pain, fatigue, or having trouble doing exercises that are meant to keep you energetic, it is important to pay attention to your feet. Feet contain almost 16 acupuncture points responsible for stimulating your overall health. And wrong shoe insoles can restrict those acupuncture points and put a strain on all of your activities. Poron insoles not only relieve foot pain, but they provide you with performance benefits too. 

Insoles Vs PORON(R) Insoles

Poron insoles are nothing like ordinary insoles. Poron is a type of breathable cushioning that resists breakdown and lasts about 4 times longer than the average insole.  They are designed to support your feet and enhance the benefits of exercising. Normal insoles are not intended to endure the pressure you collect from day-to-day activities.  This is due to the fact that the average insole uses materials that are moulded and heated which means they are not breathable and will break down fairly quickly.  A normal insole can provide relief and benefits but by the time you start feeling pain (they need to be replaced about every 3-6 months) damage is already being endured by your body. 

Normal insoles follow the one-and-done policy. As soon as you start wearing them, they will start chipping away at themselves. 

As a buyer, we want you to know all the benefits as well as what is special about Poron insoles: Why should opt for them as an alternative to your regular shoe insoles?

The answer is to provide excellent arch support for your feet as well as consistent and reliable shock absorption and alignment. Our Performance Ultra-Thin insoles support the three arches in your foot, which is necessary to keep your feet healthy. 

Our Poron insoles have an extended neutral arch to hug your feet and provide a shield from the sharp motion. The arch appears very high but is best for women with flat feet and for relief and prevention of plantar fasciitis.  Regular insoles do not offer this arch that hugs the side of the foot; guiding it back into correct alignment for those that tend to overpronate.

Plus, our Performance Poron Insole is so thin they can fit in almost all your footwear, making them the best insoles for women. They actually are designed to work really well in insoles that do not have a removable insole.  As women's shoes come in shapes, not every insole can suit every type of shoe. Our Insoles come with two different widths- Modern Sole Wing (for a zip or tie shoe) and Modern Sole Feather (for a slip-on shoe).  

  • Modern Sole Wing- This Poron insole performs best when worn in shoes like boots, sneakers, and oxfords  

  • Modern Sole Feather- These Poron Insoles perform best when you wear them in flats, wedges, slip-on sneakers, and slippers. 

    • This is the best suggestion for Medium Width foot.  If you are a little wider you can always wear the wing.  If your foot is more narrow you can always wear the feather.

The functions of the Poron Insoles do not stop here. You can choose Round or Almond toe based on your preferred footwear choice. Our insoles are available in two types of PORON(R) cushioning: Performance and Embrace. The Performance Ultra thin insole is for when you are on your feet all day.  The Embrace is our Cloud Memory Technology version.  Both can be used in Workout Shoes and everyday casual Shoes.

Who Can Poron Insoles Help To Keep Up With Exercising?

Yenta + Posha Poron insoles are based on the science of fluid gait technology, which helps you to maintain your natural gait movement like nothing else. Your gait movement is responsible for your overall health and starts with your feet.

Want to know how? 

When you take steps, your feet act in such a way that they balance the amount of pronation and supination. It becomes a little difficult for the feet when you wear shoes because of our anatomy. So, they need adequate support, which comes from insoles. However, the average insole has a deep heel cup and locks your movement so you cannot properly flow through the natural gait cycle. And they end up resulting in painful, uncomfortable, and disoriented gait movement. 

The fluid gate technology of the Poron insoles allows your feet to balance the gait motion while countering all the forces from your activity. Poron insoles contain different layers, and all layers serve a special purpose to save your feet and relieve foot pain.

How Do Different Layers Of Yenta + Posha Poron Insoles Make Them Worth Better than the Average Insole?

Quality always lies in the layers of things, which is true in Poron insoles. Layers of the insoles make it possible to achieve the benefits of fluid gait technology. Also, the layers are the reason why they are different from everyday insoles. 

They contain 6 layers- 

  • Vegan Bamboo Charcoal Cover with Aegis Microbial Woven Treatment- Responsible for keeping the bacteria away from your feet and maintaining breathability. 

  • Performance Cushioning- Supports the foot while resisting breakdown and providing maximum shock absorption.

  • Grip Fabric- Responsible for creating an anti-slip environment in shoes.

  • Solid Gel Heel pad- Counter the sharp, blunt, and instant forces replicated from your motion. 

  • Semi Rigid Shell- Provide the necessary alignment and support to your feet. 

  • Metatarsal in Our Women’s Thin Insoles- Prevents the foot ligaments and arch from stretching too far and developing foot pain from being on your feet all day.

Poron insoles are a great way to protect your feet. They are orthotic insoles that can not only prevent your feet from damage but also relieve you from the already existing issues and make the best insoles for women, which the average insole cannot offer. 

If you break it down by daily use our insoles are about Sixteen Cents (.16) per day if you base it on one year of use.  (On average our customers use our insoles for 1-2 years)  If you got an average insole at the drugstore for $19.99 it usually wears down within 3 months.  In one year you would spend $79.96 or about twenty two cents (.22) per day.   

With all of these benefits now, you can decide what your feet need and what is going to work best for you.

And in case you would like to buy the Poron Insoles, don't hesitate to visit our store. They can be your first step towards healthy feet.