Surprising Facts About Best Arch Support Insoles For Flat Feet

Feet are subjected to significant pressure and shocks, which can lead to foot disorders. To protect your feet, keep them comfortable and prevent pain, insoles for women's shoes are a great option.

Why Are Insoles Good For Feet?

When insoles are made of high-quality materials they are breathable and enhance your feet's comfort when adding them to your shoes. 

Most insoles are too thick to add into a shoe that does not have a removable insole.  Yenta + Posha performance series insoles are Ultra Thin to solve this problem.  They function best for a neutral to flat arch and have a low profile so they can be added to every type of shoe without making your shoes too tight. The insoles adapt entirely to your feet, offer protection to your joints, and prevent fatigue during long periods of walking, standing, and running. 

Feet are mainly subjected to significant pressure and shocks, leading to foot disorders. In fact, according to podiatrists, 80% of women will have a foot issue in their lifetime!!!

To protect your feet, keep them comfortable and prevent pain and foot related problems insoles can easily be added.  That means wether you are adding The Best insoles for Sneakers, Best insoles for ankle Boots, Best insoles for Flats, or Best insoles for work boots, it will make a difference.  However, the importance of insoles is often underestimated. 

Read here why wearing insoles for prevention is essential:

1: Supports Foot Arch

This is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of insoles for treating flat arches. Insoles with well-built arches will help support fallen arches by raising them to a neutral arch or optimal level throughout your movement. 

The supportive force provided to the foot arch prevents it from flattening, which means your feet will no longer flatten onto the ground while walking. Thus, as a result, your feet are encouraged to move correctly throughout the gait cycle while the strength of your arches is enhanced. 

Since your arch plays a vital role in absorbing shock forces, your feet will be protected from impact not only in your feet but all the way up through your body. This can be especially beneficial if you are on your feet for extended periods of time and/or involved in sports that require running or jumping. 

You will see better results if your rehabilitation plan includes stretching and arch strengthening exercises. Such exercises are mainly designed to build strength in arch muscles and prevent the foot arch from collapsing during movement. 

2: Less Risk Of Foot Conditions

Insoles help in reducing your chances of developing common painful foot conditions. And such situations are often associated with unhealthy foot movement patterns found in people with flat feet. 

To understand this better, you need to consider that when your foot arch flattens completely, it is also forced to stretch beyond its standard capacity. 

This causes the ligaments and joints to become inflamed over time, eventually leading to pain in the heel and arch areas. As you start wearing insoles, you prevent yourself from overstretching and give it time to heal and recover. 

Your insoles can be used to protect and treat the feet. Also, wearing insoles will lessen the likelihood of developing painful conditions. 

3: Relief From Foot Pain

It is not uncommon to hear people with flat arches complain of pain in the feet. This results from the stressful movement of the hook each time it collapses to the ground. 

The foot muscles, ligaments, and joints are forced to adapt to this flattening motion, eventually wearing them out. You start having pain in your heel, arches, or toes. 

Your insoles will help support proper foot movement and redistribute pressure in the bottom of the feet. This is usually done to keep any excess stress off painful regions. 

4: Healthy Movements

Your feet guide the movement of your whole body, so if there is a problem in the fundamental support, you can also expect problems in the rest of the body. 

When you have flat arches, your feet tend to roll inwards, or pronate, and your lower body tries to compensate for this irregularity. For example, your skin and thigh bones are forced to twist inwards when your feet arch flattened while walking. 

By improving your foot movement patterns, your insoles will help reinforce proper lower body movement. Therefore, you can expect visual changes in how you walk when wearing the insoles. 

5: Improvement In Performance

As an athlete, foot pressure problems such as flat arches might place you at higher risk for developing overuse injuries. These injuries are often caused by repetitive stress produced by unhealthy foot movement. 

However, if you are a runner with flat feet, then your feet will lack protection from shock forces. The foot arch absorbs these, so each time your foot hits the ground while running, these forces act directly upon the foot instead. 

Besides injuries, overall posture changes caused by flat arches can also affect your running form. This is due to the impact of the feet on the alignment of the bones and muscles. 

As part of training programs, insoles provide a great solution to minimize abnormal lower body movements that can help conserve energy while lessening the risk of injury. 

Wrapping Up

You might find many benefits in insoles and make them an excellent addition to treatment or rehabilitation programs. Thus, it becomes necessary to choose the right pair of insoles to feel a difference. If you also face this problem, Yenta + Posha offers you the best arch support insoles for flat feet, so make a purchase now!