9 Reasons Why Insoles for Women Are Going to Be Big in 2023

As more and more women begin to seek careers in fitness and sports, the awareness of the importance of proper footwear and support has increased. 

Insoles provide impeccable support for the foot during different physical activities. The insoles are extensively used for treatments and preventions for other foot complications like plantar fasciitis. Foot insoles deliver arch support, soft cushioning and gel encasing to achieve biomechanical control.  

The Poron insoles are specially designed for runners, walkers, hikers, and everyone associated with high physical activities. Our Poron insoles are one of those insoles tested to support movement across a range of athletic activities with cushion effects and shock absorbent techniques.

A Little Secret: A huge reason why we developed our Ultra Thin insoles with Poron cushioning was how effective they were in athletic footwear. If this cushioning worked well under extreme pressures and shock then it would work extremely well in everyday wear: casual shoes, dress shoes and womens boots. AND because of how breathable this cushion is, it can be a slim insole. Win Win for all.   

In the last few years, the increase in sports activity and the availability of products related to support have increased the demand for foot insoles. According to an analysis report of Technavio, the foot insoles market will register a compound annual growth rate of 7% by 2023 alone in the US. 

What Does The Market Say?

When it comes to the foot insoles market in the US, it is of a very fragmented nature. The competition among companies is quite intense, and research is always going to improve the performance of the foot insoles. Which is absolutely fantastic for you, the consumer. The research identifies the new growth strategies for insoles, especially insoles for women, which are considered to be immense in 2023. 

The insole market is suspected of taking a sharp rise in the competitive landscape using the research data and different products offered by companies. 

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The market will value more cost-effective technologies like Yenta + Posha’s fluid gait technology. These technologies will bring more medical support compared to more costly options available now in the market. 

More Cost Effective Options To Be Available In 2023

The high cost of foot insoles kept haunting the insoles industry for years. This has hindered the adoption of insoles as mainstream and everyday improvement for footwear in the US. 

Using the expensive raw material has been the top reason for the low adoption of the insoles. But, the scenario is set to change in the upcoming years as makers are opting for the more eco-friendly raw material like a bamboo leather cover which is more cost effective than real leather but just as breathable and functional. On a more calculative scale, the market will witness a sharp rise in the demand for the insoles.  

The Overall Outlook Of The Insoles Market

The record demand for the insoles was 4.8% in 2021, making a total of around 13 billion total pairs. After that, due to the continuous demand and change in the industry, the 5.46 Billion foam soles segment grew 5.7% to top 5 billion pairs, while the sports segment witnessed a surge of 7.6% to close at 3 billion pairs. 

Insoles Market 2022 VS What It Will Be In 2023  

The global expenditure on footwear and apparel has been seeing an increase over the past few years. Most of the Eastern European countries plus the central countries have spent the most on clothing and footwear globally. This increasing expenditure on footwear has also boosted sales of insoles.

In 2022, insoles used in therapeutic applications will account for 12% of the global market share. A prime reason for this market share price was foot pain among the millennials, such as flat foot and severe leg and ankle pain caused by the reduction in bone density. This market share price will continue to increase for the next ten years as millennials will increase the demand for orthotic insoles to prevent foot pain. So, as a result, there will be no downfall in the market. Insole demand will see even more surges in 2023. 

The Features That Consumers Will Look In 2023

More women users will tend to focus on comfort rather than the price. They will prefer to look for insoles that provide relief from stress and pain, and with technology, the chances are consumers will not pay a hefty amount for them. Consumers living in regions with high snowfall will want heated insoles that can keep their feet warm when participating in activities like skiing. Minimum thickness while providing arch support is also going to be one of the top demands from users. Thinner insoles are a win-win situation for both the consumers and the sellers. 

By keeping the future trends in mind, we have crafted our Performance and Embrace Series Poron Insoles, the best insoles for women, and suitable for everyone. Our Poron insoles are a classic example of extreme comfort. They provide support to the feet as well as offer much needed shock absorption in a thin insole. They also offer other benefits, such as increasing sweat absorption and breathability.  

Our fluid gait technology is suitable for the ever-changing market and future trends. Our patented insoles were designed to move you through your natural gait cycle.  The arch is extended (not High) to hug the side of the foot and guide you back into alignment properly.  The vegan bamboo charcoal material functions to provide breathability, support, and comfort, while the cushioning supports different foot activities. Not only this, these insoles can relieve foot pain, heel pain and other foot-related problems after continuous use. 

If you like these features of the Poron insoles, visit the Yenta + Posha store to buy them right now and enjoy the maximum level of foot comfort.